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CtrlWORK on your UU computer

To prevent RSI (complaints of arm, neck and shoulder, also known as ‘KANS’), the university provides the software CtrlWORK. CtrlWORK can help prevent both physical fatigue and mental fatigue.

Below you can read the installation instructions (on your UU computer) and how to automatically start it when logging on.

  • Step 1

    Install CtrlWORK

    • Go to the Start menu and type “software”
    • Click on “Software Center”

  • Step 2

    • Search for “ctrlwork”
    • Click on the application

  • Step 3

    • Click on “Install”

    The application will start it’s installation. You will see a notification once the installation has finished.

  • Step 4

    Automatic startup CtrlWORK

    The application should be set up to start automatically when you log in. If this is not the case, follow the instructions below.

  • Step 5

    • Type “ctrlwork” in the Start menu
    • Right click on “CtrlWORK” and then click on “Open file location”
    • In the folder that appears you right click on the CtrlWORK file and choose “Create shortcut”.
    • By right clicking on the new shortcut you can choose “Cut”

  • Step 6

    • Now go to the Windows Startup folder you see in the picture on the left
    • You can do this by opening explorer (click on the folder icon in the task bar), double clicking on “Windows (C:)” and then clicking on the folders (for solis-id select your own solis-id) in the order you see in the picture until you reach “Startup”
    • Then right click somewhere in the white area of the folder and choose “Paste”

    The shortcut has now been moved to the Startup folder and will ensure the application starts every time your are logged in on your laptop or PC.

  • The folder “Appdata” might not be visible on your computer. If this is the case you go to “View” in the top menu of explorer and select “Hidden item”. The folder should now be visible.

  • Do you recieve an error message while following the steps above? Please contact the IT Service Desk by phone: call 030 – 253 4500.


Last modified: 11/09/2019

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