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Printing on macOS

This instruction guide describes how to print on your Macbook (macOS) to the UU multifunctional printers.

  • Do you receive the message “Hold for authentication” while printing? Read the instruction down below at the FAQ.

  • Step 1

    Make sure your OS version is 10.7 or higher. To check your OS X version, click on the apple logo in the upper left corner, and select “About this Mac”.

  • Step 2

    Make sure you are in range of the wireless network eduroam. This is in most Utrecht University buildings.

  • Step 3

    Download the driver from Xerox. To do so:

  • Step 4

    Expand the menu “Operating System”.

    Select your OS X version in the list.


  • Step 5

    Click “Mac OS X Print Driver Installer Package 10.x 10.x 10.x”.

  • Step 6

    Click “Accept”. The installation file will be downloaded.

    When the file has been downloaded, click below at the dock on “Downloads” (next to the recycle bin)

    Click on the XeroxPrintDriver.

  • Step 7

    Double click “Xerox Print Driver .pkg.

  • Step 8

    The installation will start. Click “Continue”.

    After this:
    – Click “Continue” twice,
    – Click “Agree”,
    – Click “Install”.

  • Step 9

    After the installation, this Windows will pop up.

    Enter the credentials of your account on this laptop. You’ll need administator privileges.

    Click “Install Software”. The driver will now be installed.

  • Step 10

    Click ‘Continue’ when prompted to finish the installation. The printer(s) will not pop up yet at this time.

  • Step 11

    Click on the apple logo above first, then “System Preferences…”.

  • Step 12

    Click “Printers & Scanners”.

  • Step 13

    Click the ‘+’ to add a new printer.

  • Step 14

    Follow this step and step 15 if you do not see the “Advanced” button:

    Control-click the New Printer dialog tool bar or
    right click (or tap with two fingers on the touchpad) somewhere on the toolbar with the buttons.

    Click “Customize Toolbar…”

  • Step 15

    Drag “Advanced” to the toolbar above (hold the mouse button while dragging). The button will now be available as well.

    Click “Done”.

  • Step 16

    Click “Advanced” and select the following options:

    Type: “Windows printer via spoolss”
    URL: “smb://print.uu.nl/black”
    Name: “Follow Me Printer”
    Usage: “Select Software”

    (Please note: it is possible to use the generic PostScript driver/printer. However, in that case you can only print in Colour (not black and white), and you can’t make use of the extra options such as staples etc.).

    Click “Add”.

  • Step 17

    Select “Xerox Workcentre 7855 …” in the list, and click “OK”.

  • Step 18

    Click “Add” below.

  • Step 19

    The installed printer is now displayed on the left (Follow Me Printer – idle). Select it (click on it once).

    Then click “Options & Supplies”.

  • Step 20

    Click on the tab “Options”.

  • Step 21

    At Finisher, select “Office Finisher LX” and click “OK”.

    After that, close this screen (Printers & Scanners) using the red X.

  • Step 22

    In the following steps, we will configure the printer some more.

    Microsoft Word is used as an example. If you don’t have this software installed, try another program to edit texts.

    Open Microsoft Word and open a new blank document. After this, click “File” and “Print…”

  • Step 23

    Click “Copies & Pages” and select “Xerox Features”.

    Select “Color options” (or “Image options”, depending on your OS version) at Paper/Delivery. Check the box “Black and White”.

    Don’t click the “Print” button yet!

  • Step 24

    Click “Default Settings” and select “Save Current Settings as Preset…”.

    Enter the name “Black” and click OK.

    Now, click “Print”.

  • Step 25

    Enter your long Solis-id at Name, and password below.

    Your long Solis-id is your Solis-id, with “@soliscom.uu.nl” behind it.
    So: Solis-id@soliscom.uu.nl (for example: 1234567@soliscom.uu.nl)

    Click “OK”.

    Tip: Check the box ‘Remember this password in my keychain’. In the feature, you won’t have to enter your credentials again.

  • Step 26

    Go the the print menu again by clicking  on “File” and “Print…”.

    Click “Copies & Pages” and select “Xerox Features”.

    Select at Paper/Delivery the option “Color options” (or “Image options”, depending on your OS version). Check the box “Automatic Color”.

    Don’t click the “Print” button yet!

  • Step 27

    Click “Default Settings” and select “Save Current Settings as Preset…”.

    Enter the name “Colour” and click OK.

    Now, click “Print”.

    If asked for credentials, enter them as described a few steps back (long Solis-id and password).

  • Step 28

    The printers are now installed and configured.

    From now on, when you print something, you are able to select (as displayed above) “Black” or “Colour”.

  • More information about printing (and for students also about print credits), can be found on www.uu.nl/print.

  • Common problem solving

    This message is often shown when you have changed your Solis-password.

    Mac OSX remembers your old password in your keychain; you’ll have to remove these credentials first. Follow these steps:

    Go to finder and select “Go” and then “Utilities”:

    Double click “Keychain Access”:

    Search for “Follow Me Printer” (or the custom name you gave the printers during installation) and right click on it. Select
    Delete “Follow Me Printer” (the printers won’t be deleted, just your credentials).

    Confirm by clicking “Delete”.

    Go to (for example) Word and print a document. You’ll have to enter your credentials. Use soliscom\<your Solis-id> as your username and your regular password. Check the box “Save my credentials”.

  • Step 29

Last modified: 28/10/2019

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