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Laptop UU: Settings change

Why are we making a change?

Over the past months it has become apparent that the performance of UU laptops leaves much to be desired, especially when working from home or on the road. Specifically, the laptops were slow and Office applications would crash when opening and saving files when not connected to eduroam or the UU LAN-network.

The UU organisation values their employees’ ability to seamlessly work anywhere. That is why much work has been put into improving the laptop product. This change does not apply to Desktop PCs.

What are the improvements?

The call from several Faculties to implement a less complex laptop configuration has led to a complete overhaul of the laptop product. As a result, we now offer the following functionalities to every laptop user (on request): Windows 10, Microsoft Office, Software Center, admin rights and a few security settings.

In addition, all new settings are designed to promote working ‘locally’:

  • The existing references to the U-drive will be replaced by references to the C-drive;
  • The U- and O-drives can be opened via the UU network or from home by using VPN;
  • For one time only, the existing folders ‘Desktop’ and ‘Favorites’ will be copied to the new default location on the C-drive.

Crucially, after this change all your documents will  be saved locally in this folder by default (unless you choose a different location manually): “C:\Users\Solis-id\Documents”, in which Solis-id is replaced with your own Solis-id. The files in this folder will not be automatically backed up. All your current data on the U-drive will stay there.

CAUTION: With these new settings you as a user are responsible for backing up your data. You can request the right to install applications on your own laptop as well; this means more freedom and autonomy, but also more responsibility for handling software safely. 

You are free to save your documents in a different location, whether it be local or in the Cloud, OneDrive for example is a good option. You can also choose to keep using the U-drive, but be advised that this can lead to slowdown and crashing Office applications when outside of the UU network.

More information is available on Intranet. The request form can be found here.

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Last modified: 5/08/2020

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