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MyPhD for Supervisors

MyPhD is the application to register en follow PhD tracks.

The use of paper forms with signatures has come to an end. Several approvals will have to be given via MyPhD instead. The system will send an email whenever action is expected to be taken. This email will come from MyPhD/Utrecht University.
Your actions in MyPhD will automatically trigger emails from the system as well.

URL en Inloggen
The url is MyPhD.uu.nl.

Utrecht University staff can log in with their Solis-id; UMC staff can log in with their UMC user name and also choose the ‘Log in with SOLIS-ID or UMC account’ option.

Non-Utrecht University/UMC staff will receive an email with their login name, which they can also request via the ‘Log in without SOLIS-ID or UMC account’ option and then request a password, which will be sent to the email address which they provide at that time.

After logging in in MyPhD the Guide for Supervisors is available at support.

Unable to log in

Please contact MyPhD functional administration via self-service (if you have an SOLIS-ID) or send an email to IT Service Desk stating the username that is being used to login

Last modified: 8/10/2019

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