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U and O drive on Windows (WebDAV)

At the moment, you may experience problems using WebDAV. Files that have been copied or moved, may be ’empty’ (size: 0 KB). Please verify that copied or moved files are transferred successfully to their destination. We are investigating the cause.

This manual describes how you can access the files on your Utrecht University network drives (U and O drive) on a private Windows computer or laptop using WebDAV.

An instructional video is available for this manual. This video is based on Windows 10. You can also continue reading the step-by-step instructions below the video, based on Windows 7.

  • Step 1

    Make sure you’re connected to the internet.

    Open Windows Explorer by pressing the startbutton, followed by “Computer”.

  • Step 2

    • Click on “Computer” first at the left.
    • Right click on a free area in the explorer
    • Select “Add a network location” from the dropdown menu.

  • Step 3

    Click “Next”.

  • Step 4

    Select “Choose a custom network location” and click “Next”.

  • Step 5

    To drives you need different connection details. Choose which one you wish to connect (first) and enter:

    For the U-drive:

    Replace <Solis-id> with your own Solis-id, so for example https://webdav.uu.nl/users/janss101

    For the O-drive:

    Click “Next”.

  • Be sure to enter https (with -s at the end) and not http.

  • Step 6

    It can take some time for the next screen to appear. When it appears it will ask you for a username and password.

    Enter your UU email address and your (Solis)password.

    Tick the box “Remember my credentials” if you do not want to enter your login credentials manually every time you open the drive.

    Note: Only do so if you are wokring on a private computer. If you are working on a public computer do not tick this box, otherwise other people may be able to access your data later

    Click “OK”.

  • Step 7

    Type a name you wish to give to this new network location. This name will later appear in the Windows Explorer and helps you recognize the drive.

    For example:
    “U-drive UU”
    “O-drive UU”

    Click “Next”.

  • Step 8

    Click “Finish”, a window will pop up showing you the network drive you have just set up.

  • WebDAV-W7-tip-CredentialsNote: when opening PDF-files or Office documents (Word, Excel, etc.) you may get this login prompt. 

    For username enter your UU email address, so or example: j.jansen@students.uu.nl or m.medewerker@uu.nl
    The password is the password belonging to your Solis-id.

  • Tip: Changing your Solis password? 

    Be aware that when you change the password belonging to your Solis-id in the future, your private computer will no longer be able to establish the connection with your U-drive or O-drive.

    You can resolve this in the following way.

    – Go to the control panel (Start > Control Panel).
    – Choose “Credential Manager”.
    – Under the header “Generic Credentials” look for webdav.uu.nl and click it.
    – Click “Edit” and change your Solis password to the correct one.

Last modified: 6/09/2019

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