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Office 365: Logging in as a student

This manual describes how to access your Office 365 mailbox as a University student as well as how to forward your mail to your standard UU Gmail account.

  • Step 1

    • Go to outlook.office365.com/uu.nl and enter your credentials. These are your student mail address and accompanying solis-password (j.smith@students.uu.nl).
    • It’s possible, since you’re logging in for the first time, that you will have to select a timezone.
    • Here you will find the UU mails that have been send in the past few days.

  • As of today, this mailbox has a forward set up that makes sure all your mail will reach your regular student Gmail address. This means your mail will arrive in one place and you won’t need to log in to the Office 365 mailbox from now on. The mail that has been send in the past few days will have to be forwarded manually however. The next two steps explain how to do this.

  • Step 2

    • Select the mail you want to forward and click on the arrow next to “Reply all”.
    • Click “Forward”.

  • Step 3

    • After “To” fill in your student mail address and add “galias” after the @, for example j.smith@galias.students.uu.nl.
    • Click “Send”.
    • Repeat this for all the mail you want to forward.

Last modified: 11/09/2019

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