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Printers: Scan job assembly

This guide describes how to work with the Xerox job assembly feature. With this feature, you can combine multiple scans into one single PDF file.

Normally the printer sends separate PDF files to your mailbox.

  • Step 1

    Log on to the printer.

    Select “E-mail”.

  • Step 2

    At the bottom of this screen, you can select your preffered settings like colour, and single sided (default) or double sided scanning.

    At the “Advanced Settings” tab, you are able to select the scan quality (200 dpi = below average400 dpi = good / average, 600 dpi = very high quality). The higher the quality, the larger the file.

    After this, tap the tab “Job Assembly”.

  • The documents will be send to your University email address by default. When you are a student, it will be send to your UU Gmail. The email address can be changed into another address in the screen above.

  • Step 3

    Tap on “Build Job”.

  • Step 4

    First, tap “On”, then “OK” at the top.

  • Step 5

    • Place the document you want to scan on the document glass, or use the document feeder tray at the top. This feeder might be more convenient, if you prefer to scan multiple pages unattended.
    • Press the green Start button on the printer (physical button, not on the display) to start scanning.

  • Step 6

    The document has now been scanned.

    Do you want to scan another page? Do not press any of the buttons on the screen, but repeat the previous step until you have finished scanning all the pages you want.

  • Finished scanning?

    Go to the next step.

  • Step 7

    When you are finished scanning all pages, tap “Submit Job” at the top. The Job Progress screen appears, and the document will be sent to your email address.

  • More information about Scan Job Essembly

    Changing the structure of the assembly job
    It is possible to change the structure of the Job Assembly whilst building the job (e.g. changing whether pages are scanned in portrait or landscape position, or the quality of the scans). This is only for advanced users. To do so, tap “Program next segment.”

    Maximum size of emails
    Your scans are send by email. The maximum size of an email is limited at 20 Megabytes. Our advise is not to scan to many pages at once, because with every page that has been scanned the total size of your document increases. It is not possible to monitor the total size of your document during scanning.

    Approximate sizes are (varies from quantity of text / graphics on the pages):

    200 dpi (0,35 MB per page), maximum of ± 55 pages
    400 dpi (0,9 MB per page), maximum of ± 22 pages

    200 dpi (0,5 MB per page), maximum of ± 40 pages
    400 dpi (2,1 MB per pagina), maximum of ± 9 pages

    Colour scanning uses needs more storage than monochrome scans. When your document is too large, you will not receive the email with your scans nor a delivery error message.

Last modified: 6/09/2019

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