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Printing: FAQ and tips

The university has multifunctional printers (MFPs) all across the campus, which allow you to print, copy and scan. For all locations with a MFP please see this overview. In addition to the manuals found on this website, you can consult the Frequently Asked Questions and tips below.

Xerox MF WC7855
  • Printing cards

    • If the printer is on stand-by, wake it up by pressing the illuminated green button on the right.
    • Press the ‘Printen’-button on the right of the screen.
    • Pick ‘Andere aanmelding’.
    • Enter your Solis-ID (note: not your email address!) and press ‘Gereed’.
    • Enter the password of your Solis-ID, and press ‘Gereed’.
    • Press the cog icon at the top right of the screen. Note: if you had already sent print jobs to the printer, you will first have to press the home icon at the right of the screen to see the cog icon.
    • Press the button ‘Registreer kaart’ and present your card to the card reader at the lower left of the machine.
    • If everything goes well, the printer will beep, and show the message: “Nieuwe kaart gekoppeld aan gebruiker”. It is now possible to log in and -out on the printer with this card.
    • Had you already sent print jobs, and want to start printing? In that case, press the physical silver home button at the top left of the printer, and press ‘Printen’ at the right of the screen.

    Do you have a white card with ‘printpas’ [printing card] on it? These can be returned via internal mail to: ITS-Printing, Bestuursgebouw, Heidelberglaan 8, Kamer 3.61. We will make them ready to be reused.

    Do you have a so-called fob, which can also open doors? Fobs can only be unlinked via the Service Desk*. Afterwards, the fob can be used by a new user.

    * It might happen that a previous owner of a fob links another (white) card to his or her account. In this case, the fob will be automatically unlinked. This method could be used in an emergency.

    You can always manually log in to the printer through ‘Andere Aanmelding’ [Other Logins] on the screen of the MFP.

    • Go to the printer
    • Choose ‘Printen’ [Print] from the main menu
    • Enter your Solis-id and password

    This will log you in to the printer as usual.

    Have you lost your student travel card or Salto card? If so, it may take a while before you receive a new one. In the meantime, you can:

    • Manually log in to the MFPs (see ‘I’ve forgotten my printing card. Now what?’)
    • Pick up a white printing card from the desk in the University Library, or at Kromme Nieuwegracht 80
    • Link another card you have with RFID*

    Then link your new card by following the instructions posted next to the MFPs.

    * You can test this by passing a card past the front of the card reader. If you hear a beep, the card is most likely suitable.

    Please note: We recommend that you quickly link your new card so that your old card is unlinked. This will ensure that no one else can make copies at your expense or monitor your print jobs.

  • Paper

    Some of the MFPs contain letterhead paper as standard (this is never the case with MFPs for students). This is usually known at the secretariat or department. In this case, in e.g. MS Word, choose letterhead in ‘Page Setup’, in the Print menu.

    If the printer does not contain letterhead paper as standard, you can use the manual feed tray. The manual can be found at Printen via handmatige invoer (Dutch only: Printing using manual feed) on this website.

    • In your application (such as Word), select manual feed when printing (Tray 5)
    • Enter the paper at the left side of the MFP (Tray 5)
    • Follow the instructions on the screen of the printer

    A large print job is one:

    • That takes more than 15 minutes
    • Where the number of copies is greater than the content of the smallest tray

    Large jobs can be ordered on the portal of our supplier.

    Tray 1: 520 sheets (plain, white, A3)
    Tray 2: 520 sheets (letterhead, plain, white, A4)
    Tray 3: 867 sheets (plain, white, A4)
    Tray 4: 1,133 sheets (plain, white, A4)
    Tray 5: 100 sheets (manual feed tray for other types of paper)

    Press the fourth (bottom) button on the printer display: ‘device status’. Then, on the right, select ‘tray status’. Here you can see the number of pages that are still in a tray (in the form of an estimated percentage).

    Printen - Faq en tips - papierlade-status

    The printer will stop and the job will be cancelled. If you have printed multiple jobs, all non-printed jobs will be cancelled. The jobs must be sent to the printer once again.

    Students do not have to pay for print jobs that were not printed.

    ITS makes every effort to ensure that there is always enough paper available. However, it may happen that someone prints a very large print job before you, causing the paper to unexpectedly run out. If possible, notify one of our information desks if this should happen. 

    Send the job again and go to any other followme printer.Check your print history at printportal.uu.nl.

  • Mobile printing from any device

    Yes, if you are connected to the wireless network ‘eduroam’. Manuals for OSX, Windows and Ubuntu can be found on this website.

    Yes, this is possible with Mobile Print. All you need to do is send an email to print@uu.nl. Detailed instructions can be found here.

  • Scanning

    A scan job may not exceed 20 MB. It is difficult to indicate how big your job will become. This will depend on the number of pages, the scanning resolution (number of DPI) and whether you are scanning in colour or black and white. If your scan job is too big the result will not be sent to your mailbox. If this is the case, try to divide your scan job into parts.

    No. Settings (preferences) are not stored. You must reconfigure your preferences the next time.

  • Miscellaneous / Known issues

    Printen - Faq en tips - uitroeptekenThis icon means that your print job hasn’t yet been fully received and processed. This often happens with large print jobs (lots of pages, images, high resolution, etc.).

    Please try again later, or press the button with the two arrows to refresh the page until the exclamation mark disappears. You will then be able to print.

    You have a double grant because you are both student and employee. Use:

    • The little figure when you’re printing something for your studies
    • The building when you’re printing something for your work

    You can see how much of your print job has been printed by the printer. This can be shown by pressing the job status button. This is the third button on the display.

    Printen - Faq en tips - papierlade-status

    No, you cannot. Guest accounts are valid for one year. If you have not used up all your print credit within one year, you can renew your guest account and use it subsequently. Furthermore, print credit cannot be transferred to another person’s credit.

    For security reasons there is a 15-minute timeout setting active. This means that you will be automatically logged out if the screen isn’t touched for 15 minutes, even if your print job is still in progress.

    Immediately prior to being automatically logged out, a 5-second pop-up message will be shown. If you do not confirm it, you will be logged out and the printing will stop. You do not have to pay for any non-printed pages.

    Preventing being automatically logged out
    You can prevent being automatically logged out by touching the screen every 10 minutes. This will extend the timer by 15 minutes each time.

    Things to remember
    Regarding the timeout setting, you should keep in mind that:

    • Other users cannot stop the print job.
    • Confidential print jobs cannot be left unattended for long.
    • You can act quickly if the paper tray is empty or the output tray is full because this will cause the current job to be cancelled. The output tray can hold 2,000 sheets of paper and 1,000 sheets with staples.
    • You can avoid forgotten prints.

    This printer model can print in black and white at a speed of 50 to 55 pages per minute. Please calculate the amount of time you will need to print/copy your documents. And remember to regularly touch the screen to extend the timer. The pop-up message will be shown for five seconds. This cannot be changed.

    The print job you have sent contains a file size, filetype or paper colour that is not available in the printer. Please check whether your print format is in either A4 or A3, and if it is on plain white paper. Other sizes, colors or types of paper are not included in the Multifunctional and will give this notification.


Last modified: 4/03/2020

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