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Printing via the Xerox Workplace app

This manual describes how to print using the mobile app Xerox, the ‘Xerox Workplace’-app. The name and accessibility of menus can differ by mobile OS. The steps to follow can differ as well.


  • iOS 7.0 or Android version 4 (or newer)
  • an UU e-mail address (ending on @uu.nl or @students.uu.nl)


  • You can change various printer settings yourself, such as staples, black/white or colour, double or single-sided printing
  • You can print jobs that are bigger than 20 MB


  • By installing the Xerox app, your Solis-id and password are stored on your device. If your device is lost or stolen, your Solis-password and other saved accounts and data may be retrieved unauthorized. We advise you to secure your device with a strong password or PIN code.

  • Step 1

    Install the Xerox Workplace app from the App Store or Play Store. Use the search function to find in the app store “Xerox Workplace”.

  • Step 2

    After opening the app, agree to (EULA): Xerox terms and conditions by clicking the agreement.

  • Step 3

    After you installed and opened the application:

    • Enter your email address. This must be the email address that you got from the Utrecht University (ending with @uu.nl or @students.uu.nl).
    • Tap “Next”.

  • Step 4

    In the Welcome window, enter your:

    User Name: your Solis-id (for example: smith001)
    Password: Your solis password.

    Tap “Done” when ready.

  • If questioned whether the application is allowed to use the GPS, give permission.

  • Step 5

    Welcome Window “What would you like to do?”

    This window gives quick access to the most-used functions of this App. Press on an icon to:

    • print from different applications
    • select printers
    • show the status of current tasks
    • go to the documents list.

    These options are explained below.

  • Step 6

    Option: Select Printers

    The FollowMe printers at the UU can be accessed by the name UU_Printer. In the Printers window you see icons for Workplace and Favorites, depending on your device platform. The workplace and favorites show the last printer you used and your favorite printers/locations.

    Select the printer UU_Printer at Workplace Favorites. Search for the UU_Printer if not shown here. Add 1 printer, for both colour and black/white prints.

  • Any security question whether the Xerox Workplace app is allowed to access the photos, or media files must be answered with ‘yes’.

  • Printing by mail has its limitations. You can send 20 MB at the same time, and you are only able to print in black/white, 2-sided. Furthermore, you can only print using the paper sizes present in the printer (A4, A3). Different paper sizes will result in a “resources required” (‘hulpbronnen nodig’) error message on the printer.

  • Step 7

    Option: Printing from a camera

    • Go to the Welcome window and select Camera
    • Take a picture and choose Save
    • Choose your printing preferences for this job
    • Tap “Print”

  • You can change settings from black/white to color, the number of prints, with or without staples and choose between landscape or portrait.

  • Step 8

    Option: Printing from the Clipboard

    Follow the next steps to print the contents of a clipboard. The contents will be converted to a PDF document format to be printed.

    • The content may be a text, some web pages, but other sources as well
    • Go to the Welcome windows, press Clipboard
    • Choose your printing preferences for this job
    • Tap “Print”



  • Step 9

    Option: Printing from a Documents list

    In the documents list window follow the next steps.

    • Select the document to open the Print Job window
    • Select the UU_Printer
    • Choose your printing preferences for this job
    • Tap “Print”

  • Step 10

    Printing from other applications

    • Select a mobile application (for example Google Drive, etc)
    • Select a file
    • Select Print and use the option Open with Print Portal.

    The name of this action can differ depending on the OS platform. It can be “Send to”, “Share”, etc.

  • The Xerox workplace app had on 3-5-2017 an upgrade. The old connection to the printer became unvalid. You have to make manually a new connection.
    Open the Xerox app, go to Workplace, search de printer UU_Printer. That’s all.
    If you dont’t see Workplace icon, then you have to log on to the Xerox App on your device.

    The following document types are supported.

    But it is recommended that you always print a specimen of your document, before you try to print a big job.

    Microsoft Word-documents (*.doc, *.docm, *.docx)
    text files (*.rtf, *.tif, *.tiff, *.txt)
    images (*.gif, *.jpeg, *.jpg)
    Adobe PDF (*.pdf)
    Microsoft PowerPoint-presentations (*.ppt,
    *.pptm, *.pptx)
    Microsoft Excel-spreadsheets (*.xls, *.xlsm,
    E-mail messages (*.eml)
    pictures (*.png)
    Docuworks (*.xdw)
    Open Office document types (*ods, *.odp, *.odg *.odf, *.odt)

    The file size and the network speed have an influence on the print preview.

    If you have a big file, just go directly to the print menu.

    You send your e-mail to print@uu.nl from your Solis e-mail address.

    Check the list with the supported document types.

    Check the printer settings.

    You can look at the document history in the menu Details.You can go to Job Status to see the history from the last 7 days. There you can see if the document was sent succesfully to the UU_Printer.

    You can print only if your e-mail address ends with @uu.nl or @students.uu.nl

    Yes, a print job is kept on the server for 72 hours. After that, it will be deleted automatically.

    Open the file on the Print Portal.

    In the window Job Task, press on Upload.

    The file is placed in the Document Queue, until you send it to the UU_Printer.

    Go to the Documents window.

    Select from the Documents list the file that you want to print again.

    You can print an uploaded file again.

    Open the window Details and press on Print.

    This option doesn’t work with the FollowMe system.

Last modified: 6/09/2019

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