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Target audience: Staff and Students

Printers (old): Print via e-mail

This instruction describes how to print from a mobile device (laptop, tablet and smartphone) on the FollowMe Xerox printer at the Utrecht University.

Printing from your iPhone/Smartphone or iPad/Tablet?

  • Use the Xerox app.
  • This app needs to be installed once from the App-store or Google play store on your device.
  • This app makes it possible to print in colour or black/white, one or double-sided, staples.
  • The Xerox app instruction can be found under “Printing via the Xerox Workplace app”.

Printing from a laptop?

  • On any laptop/computer you can install the printer driver and if connected through Eduroam, or the local area network, you can directly print to the Black and Colour.
  • You can select many printing options if this driver is installed.
  • Check the instruction under Printing and the desired platform.

Printing from any device?

  • From any device and via an UU-e-mail address (Solis e-mail or UU-Gmail) you can print a document by mailing it to print@uu.nl
  • It’s not possible to change the default printing options. All prints are black/white and double-sided.
  • Follow the steps below for further instructions.
  • This manual is about the old / current Xerox multifunctional printers (shown below left).

  • Step 1

    • It’s possible to print the e-mail body as well as it’s attachment.
    • For example: If you want to print a Word document, send this document as an attachment to print@uu.nl

  • Printing a PDF? The page size of this file can differ from the default ones (A4/A3). In this case you’ll get an error message on the display like “Vereiste Hulpbronnen” or “Required resources”. When this message appears, press on the Active Jobs and you can choose to print on an alternate paper (A4 or A3) or delete the job.

  • Step 2

    After a few minutes, you get an email confirming it was received by the server: “Your Job has been submitted to the Xerox Mobile Print Server”.

    You can now collect your print at the printer.

  • Step 3

    Go to the Print menu. You will now notice two new documents:

    • The first one is your attached document.
    • The second one is the message, the “Body Text”. Uncheck this one if you don’t want to print it.

    Tap the printer-icon. Your document will now be printed.

  • More information about printing (and  for students print credits) can be found on the website www.uu.nl/printen.

    Note: the print possibilities of mobile printing are fewer than when you print via the Xerox App or from your workstation/laptop.

    • The printer shows on the display the e-mail itself and the attachment as two separate documents. You can print both, or select the one you want to print or delete. Even when the e-mail contains no body text, it will be shown on the display.
    • The e-mail message plus the attachment may not exceed 20 MB.
    • When sending an e-mail that contains an in-line image, Apple e-mail clients divide the e-mail structure causing each image to be seen as a normal attachment (separate printjobs).
    • You can’t print from a corporate e-mailbox.
    • After 72 hours your print job will be deleted.
    • These document types are accepted by the printer: *.doc, *.docm, *.docx, *.gif, *.jpe, *.jpeg, *.jpg, *.odf, *.odg, *.odp, *.ods, *.odt, *.pdf, *.png, *.ppt, *.pptm, *.pptx, *.rtf, *.tif, *.tiff, *.txt, *.xls, *.xlsm, *.xlsx, *.xdw.

Last modified: 4/06/2020

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