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Printers (old): Print on a (own) Mac

This instruction guide describes how to install the driver and print on your Mac device to the UU multifunctional printers.


  • OSX 10.6 or higher
  • Xerox WorkCentre 7855 driver
  • You’re connected to Soliscom by way UU-Eduroam or the network outlet in your working room.


  • This manual is about the old / current Xerox multifunctional printers (shown below left).

  • It’s important that you create and use a local mac user with the same name as your solis account.

  • Delete your old printers and presets before starting the installation.

  • Step 1

    Download the driver
    Search the printer “Xerox WorkCentre 7855, with built-in controller”.
    Select the OS, for example High Sierra.
    Download “Mac OS Common Print Driver Installer”.
    The installer “XeroxPrintDriver_xxx.dmg” will be downloaded.
    Open the dmg file, press on the file “Xerox Print driver x.x.x.pkg”.

  • Step 2

    Driver installation
    At the message “The package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed”, press on “Continue” for this and the next windows.

  • Step 3

    At the installation step, fill in your local username and password.
    Press on “Install”.

  • Step 4

    Press “Continue” until you’re ready.

  • Step 5

    At the message “Print queue not created”, press again on “Continue” without selecting a printer, until you finish the installation.

  • Step 6

    Make the FollowMe printer queue

    Go to “System preferences”, “Printers & Scanners”, “Advanced”. Add the printer selecting the plus (+) button under the list of printers.
    type: windows printer via spoolss
    url: smb://print.uu.nl/black
    The name Black is just a link to the printer share. It’s the preset which determines if the job will print only black or colour.
    name:  any short name will do, e.g. FollowMe
    Use: Select Software
    Search for “Workcentre 7855”, then Add.
    The version number in this instruction can differ from yours. But the steps will be mostly the same. If you get a message that the new printer already exists, delete the old printer before continuing.

  • Step 7

    During setting up, press on “Configure”
    The finisher is “Office Finisher LX”
    The job storage module is “Not installed”.
    Press OK. All other options are good.

  • Step 8

    Make the Followme your default printer.

  • Step 9

    Make the Preset
    You can make two presets Black and Colour to use with all kinds of documents.
    Start opening a document, select Print, and make the preset.
    Each application has a slightly different menu by making the preset.

    PDF document:
    • A PDF document has a Preview pulldown menu.
    • At the right side of the Preview field, press the blue pulldown icon.
    • There you’ll find the Xerox Features menu.

  • Step 10

    Text document (rtf, txt):

    Open the TextEdit menu, and then select the Xerox Features.

  • Step 11

    Word /Excel document:

    Open the Copies & Pages pulldown menu.

  • Step 12

    Select Xerox Features. Another field will be unfolded (Paper/Output).

    Configure the Xerox Features, Paper/Output
    To print every page in black and white, select Xerox Black and White: ON
    Otherwise the printer will always print in colour, which costs twice more.
    Make another preset for when you want to print in colour: Set then the Xerox Black and White option to OFF.

  • Step 13

    In the Advanced menu, you can select other options.
    Disable the bi-directional communication.
    When you’ve finished with the preset, and before printing, save the preset, for example “Default settings-black”.

  • Step 14

    Step 5: Test the printer
    Print a document with the saved preset.
    At the first time you print you’ll need to fill in your credentials.
    Format is: solis-ID.
    In case the standaard format gives problems, use other format: STUDENTNUMBER@soliscom.uu.nl or soliscom\solis-ID
    Save your credentials only when everything works fine.
    Check for print errors. During printing, press the jumping print icon for the printer menu where errors can be read.

  • Error Messages

    Make sure you’re using the most recent Xerox driver.
    Disable bi-directional for all presets (Xerox Features, Advanced).
    Restart the mac again.

    Disable bi-directional for all presets (Xerox Features, Advanced).

    Check your password in the keychain.

  • If you still have problems to print with the Xerox driver, check if the Mac native postscript driver meets your needs.

    When adding the printer, select the Generic Postscript Printer.
    This driver may not let you use all the features of your printer, for example, you can’t select A3 paper format, or staples. You can print in Black and White using the Color Matching option, Generic Gray profile. For colour, use Automatic profile. Save the preset with a corresponding name for each case.

    Control-click the New Printer dialog tool bar or right click (or tap with two fingers on the touchpad) somewhere on the toolbar with the buttons.

    Click “Customize Toolbar…”

    Drag “Advanced” to the toolbar above (hold the mouse button while dragging). The button will now be available as well.

    Click “Done”.

Last modified: 4/06/2020

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