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Gmail as primary e-mailaddress

If you are a student and you start working at Utrecht University in addition to your studies (an employee appointment), you will receive a new email address. It ends with @uu.nl (e.g. j.a.janssen@uu.nl) and it is your so-called Solismail.

All emails sent to you (both to your @students.uu.nl and your @uu.nl email address) are delivered to your Solismail from the moment you commence employment. No new emails will come in at your UU-Gmail*.

Some student-employees want to keep using their UU-Gmail for the handling of their email. If you prefer this, follow the instructions below to set this up. This ensures all your email will be delivered at your UU-Gmail.

* Old emails will remain in your UU-Gmail. Nothing is ever thrown away.

  • Step 1

    Go to https://outlook.office.com and log in using your employee e-mail address (for example j.a.janssen@uu.nl).

  • Step 2

    Go to Settings (gear icon) in the top right corner and click on “View all Outlook settings”.


  • Step 3

    Click on “Email” and then on “Forwarding”.

    Check the box for “Enable forwarding”.

    Now fill in your UU address, however, in stead of “@students.uu.nl” at the end you use the following extension “@galias.students.uu.nl”. For example: when your UU address is “j.a.janssen@students.uu.nl”, you type “j.a.janssen@galias.students.uu.nl”.

    Check the box for “Keep a copy of forwarded messages”.

    Click “Save’ to save the new rule.

  • Step 4

    From now on your e-mail can be found in your UU Gmail inbox.

    Please note: all e-mails that are send to your UU G-mail address will also be send to your Solis-mail inbox. If you log in there you will also find your e-mails here. 

Last modified: 20/01/2020

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