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Mobile device: erase data when lost

When your phone or tablet is lost or stolen, it’s not just inconvenient, but can also lead to a data breach. If you had your UU e-mail configured on this device, you have two options.

Option 1: Disconnect your device from your UU email (your device will no longer have access to your UU e-mailbox)

Option 2: Completely erase all data from your device (this is only possible when your device is connected via Microsoft Exchange to your Solis-account, e.g. when you use your device for checking your work e-mails or calendar).


  • Option 1: Disconnecting your device from your UU emailbox

    If you want to disconnect a phone from your account so it can no longer be used to access your mail or calendar, follow the instructions below.

    Please note: would you rather erase ALL data from your device? Skip this step and continue at option 2 down below.

  • Step 1

    • Go to outlook.office.com and log in using your UU e-mail address and password
    • In the top right corner of the page go to the Settings menu by clicking the gear icon
    • Then click on “Mail” (if you use the new Outlook, choose “View all Outlook settings”)

  • Step 2

    • Click on “Mobile Devices” below “General” in the menu on the left
    • When the device is trying to connect to the Exchange server the connection to your account is broken. This means that the device can’t be used to access your account. The data on your device will be untouched.

  • Option 2: Completely erase all data from your device

    PLEASE NOTE: Only delete the files on your device when you are sure it is permanently gone/stolen. When erasing data on a device remotely it will refer back to factory settings. The data on the device will be permanently deleted and this can not be reversed. Even ITS can’t recover your data.

  • Step 3

    • Go to “Mobile devices in the settings menu below “General”
    • Select the phone or tablet you want to erase
    • Click on ‘erase device’: see the image on the left for a picture of the icon
    • Confirm the action when prompted

    The first time the device tries to connect to the UU mail server after you’ve erased it remotely, the data will be wiped from your phone or tablet, this includes data on extra storage like an SD card. As soon as this process kicks of you will see the status change to indicate it’s progress. Once it is finished the process cannot be reversed. 

  • You can also look online for tips about disconnecting your device. This can be different depending on the model and operating system.

Last modified: 6/09/2019

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