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Office 365: Multi-factor authenticatie (MFA) FAQ

MFA for guest users will be implemented on the 3th of May 2022.

When an external (not UU) user gets a guest account with the UU, multi-factor authentication must be configured for security purposes. A guest account is created when the user is added to a Teams group or is granted access to a Sharepoint site, OneDrive or folders/files on those services.

In other cases, such as one-time participation in a Teams meeting, this is not applicable.

SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams are all part of Office 365, the online Microsoft cooperation platform.

In this FAQ you will find several questions and answers divided in the following categories:

  • Multi-factor-authentication and Office 365
  • Practical information
  • Teams and Multi-factor-authentication

Last modified: 15/03/2022

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