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Outlook: book a meeting room

This manual describes how to book a meeting room in Outlook

This manual uses Outlook 365. The steps and screenshots may differ if you use a different version.

  • Step 1

    Start Outlook.

  • Step 2

    Open the Calendar view

  • Step 3

    Navigate to the time and date when you want to book the room.

    • Select the preferred time slot
    • Click New meeting

  • Step 4

    Enter a subject for the meeting and add the invitees for the meeting.

    • You can enter the names or mail addresses for colleagues directly, or use the address book by clicking To….
    • Find the person(s) you are looking for by searching for their last name.
    • Dubbel click the person you want to invite
    • Click OK when done

  • Step 5

    Now it’s time to find available rooms.

    • Click Scheduling Assistant in the top left of the window

  • Step 6

    Add the meeting rooms you wish to check for availability

    • Click Add rooms in the top left
    • Type the building name in the search field
    • Dubbel click the rooms you whish to check for availability
    • Click OK when finished

  • Step 7

    You’ll now see a list of the selected rooms and their availability.

    • Keep the preffered room checked and uncheck all other rooms
    • Go back to the meeting overview by clicking Meeting in the ribbon

    You can now give the meeting a title and short description before sending the invitation.

Last modified: 11/12/2019

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