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Printers: Mobile printing via WebUpload – App – E-mail

There are three mobile print methods:

  • Uploading: the portal: uu.nl/myprintportal
  • Mobile app: install the Ysoft-app on iPhone/Android
  • Email: mail2Print@uu.nl

  • Many common document types will be accepted by the mobile methods.

    Please consider that if any document has a non-default paper size (A4 or A3), you’ll need to select a paper tray (“Resources Required”) when you release your job at the printer.

  • 1. The upload portal

  • Step 1

    • Go to uu.nl/myprintportal and log in using your Solis-id and password.
    • In the black side bar on the left, click “Upload job”
    • Click “Select files” to open an explorer window where you can choose the file you want to print

  • Step 2

    Before you upload the file using the blue “Upload” button, you can choose the settings for the document. You can choose color or black/white, and single or double sided printing.

    The standard setting is single-sided and color printing.

  • 2. Printing via the mobile app

  • Step 3

    Install the “Ysoft SafeQ Mobile Print” app from the app store.

  • Step 4

    • Enter the following URL: https://myprintportal-app.uu.nl and press “Discover”.
    • Press “Yes” if you get the notification requesting to use https://myprintportal-app.uu.nl/end-user/ui/ as print server.
    • Enter your Solis-id and password and select “Save credentials and Server URL”.

  • Step 5

    • Press “Add files” to select files and “upload” to add files.
    • Via “Print options” you can change the print settings.

  • 3. Printing via email

  • Step 6

    • Send the file you want to print to: mail2print@uu.nl (make sure to send it from an @uu.nl or @students.uu.nl email address and don’t leave the subject field empty)
    • It will be send in colour by default, but you can adjust this on the printer display.
    • Attachments may not exceed 25 mb because of the email server limitations.
    • The body text, even if only headers, will be presented as a separate document to be printed. You have to delete it manually if not needed.

  • Please note: this method only work when using an email address ending in @uu.nl or @students.uu.nl. It does not work if you are using a guest account.

Last modified: 8/10/2021

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