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Solis-mail on iPhone/iPad (Mail app)

This instruction guide describes how to configure Solismail (email, contacts and agenda) on an iPhone (or iPad).

  • If you are a UU employee and have been notified about SCEM you can only link your Office (Teams and Outlook) to your smartphone and tablet using that method. See these manuals for further instructions:

  • Step 1

    On the homescreen, press [Settings].

  • Step 2

    Scroll down and press [Accounts & Passwords].

  • Step 3

    Press [Add Account].

  • Step 4

    Press [Microsoft Exchange].

  • Step 5

    Enter your UU-mail address.

    In the field [Description] you can enter a name for the account (for example “UU E-mail”). This does not affect your name that other people see when you send an email.

    Press [Next].

  • Step 6

    Press [Sign In].

  • Step 7

    A University log in screen will appear. You can fill in your e-mailaddress and password here.

  • Step 8

    Click on [Continue]

  • Step 9

    By default, the device assumes that you want to use all the features (email, contacts, calendar), but if you do not want to use one of these options, you can disable it here.

    You can change these settings later.

    Press [Save].

  • Step 10

    Press on “UU email” again (or the name you have chosen for the mailbox).

  • Step 11

    Press on [Mail Days to Sync]. Select the period for your mail to sync.

  • Solis-mail is now configured on your phone.

    However, there are some additional settings that most people want to configure, such as the default email box and the calendar. By doing this, emails that you send are send via your UU email address by default, and appointments that you enter on your phone are stored in your UU calendar as well. If you want to configure these options,continue below.

    When your university e-mailbox (Solis-mail) is the only e-mail box that has been configured (and for example iCloud and private email addresses are notconfigured), you don’t have to follow the steps below. The UU e-mail and calander are already configured as default in that case. When you add other email addresses later, you can follow the steps below at that time.

  • Step 12

    Did you also chose to synchronize your calendar, and would you like that the appointments that you enter on your iPhone are stored by default on your UU calendar as well?

    Then go to [Settings] again on your homescreen and scroll all the way down to [Calendar] and press it.


  • Step 13

    Scroll all the way down and press [Default Calendar].

  • Step 14

    Select “Agenda’ at “UU email” (or the name you have chosen for the mailbox).

    When done, press the home button on your phone.

Last modified: 10/05/2022

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