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Office 365 for students

Please note: as of the 4th of March all student Google accounts have been disabled!

What is different and why?

Last year all students at the UU have been switched from Gmail (Gsuite) and the accompanying Google applications to Outlook and Office 365. There are two main reasons. Employees of the UU already have Solis-mail and Office 365 and by offering the same services to both students and employees, working together becomes much easier. The UU is also continuously working on improving information security and this way it is easier to keep your email secure. One of the planned safety measures is activating 2FA for all Office mailboxes (this will happen at the 23rd of March 2021). All students now have Solis-mail (based on Office 365) and access to all the Office applications.

What can I do?

  • Read the FAQ below for more information about this change.
  • Then click on the button for the operating system you use to find manuals about migrating your mail and securing all the data in your Gmail account. You will need a computer to follow the instructions.


It means that from August 1st onward (or at a moment of your choice earlier than August 1st) your will receive your email in your new Office 365 inbox and no longer in your current UU Gmail inbox. On August 1st all Office 365 student mailboxes will be set up as the main mailbox for student mail.

You will then have until March 1st 2021 to make sure you have backed-up and transferred all your data out of your Google account. Read more about how to do this here: Google account: export data (Google Takeout)

For tips about working together in the new situation check out the bottom of the FAQ on this page.

If you follow this manual: Google account: export data (Google Takeout) you can easily ensure you save all your data to a new location. You can also follow these manuals to migrate your mail to your new Office mailbox:

For Mac: Gmail: migrate mail to Outlook on macOS
For Windows: Gmail: migrating mail to Office 365 on Windows

From now until August 1st of this year you can setup your mail so you receive it in your Office 365 mailbox (at any time that suits you). For all students that haven’t set this up by August 1st the UU will do it automatically.

You are responsible for making sure you keep all your data and mail, you will have until the first of March 2021 to export all the data out of your Google account and save it in your new account or on your own computer. On March 1st 2021 accessing your UU Google account will no longer be possible and the data connected to this account will not be accessible anymore. The data at Google will also be removed.

There is an equivalent Office application for all the ones you used in Google. Check out the image below for an overview:
There are small differences in working with Office apps compared to the Google ones. For example there might be differences in layout when you open a Google Docs file in Microsoft Word. You will find more information about the different Office 365 apps here: Microsoft support.
No, you will still have the same email address.
Are you on a gap year or away from your studies for another reason? Make sure to keep your data in a safe and accessible place! This manual will help you export all the data out of your Google account:
Google account: export data (Google Takeout)
If you are already using Office 365 for email, you only need to secure your Google data if you want to keep it. How to do this can be read under “How can I make sure all my mail and data are secure and accessible?“.

If you’ve ever chosen to keep using Gmail, you’ll need to secure your mail there.

As a student after the change to Office 365 you will work with the same applications as the teachers of the UU. This will make working together much easier.

You can for example use OneDrive to easily share files with other students and your teachers. Regardless of where you save a file (Teams, OneDrive or Sharepoint) you can work on these files with multiple people at the same time.

If you use Teams, you will also find all your OneDrive files in the tab ‘Files’ in the menu on the left. This means you can easily copy files from your OneDrive to one of your teams and the other way around. Sharing files this way is fast and easy.

In Outlook you can add attachments of files saved in OneDrive, as a link and determine the permissions of this link: this means you can choose whether the receiver can only read the file or edit it as well.

For more information and instructions check out: https://solisservices.sharepoint.com/sites/office365help

Click on the category ‘Email’ at the top of this page for all manuals about setting up your email.
Yes, you can keep using Google Scholar with your new Office 365 email address.

Are you using a Windows or Mac device?