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Eduroam on iPhone/iPad

This instruction guide describes how to connect your iPhone (or iPad) to the wireless network eduroam.


An instructional video is available for this manual. You may also continue reading the step-by-step instructions below this video.

The instruction video is made on an iPhone. The screenshots below the video are made with an iPad. Both devices operate almost the same way.

  • Step 1

    Make sure you are in range of the wireless network eduroam. This is in most Utrecht University buildings.

  • Step 2

    Go to “Settings” on the homescreen.

  • Step 3

    Tap on “Wi-Fi” and then “eduroam”.

  • Step 4

    At Username, enter your University email address.

    Example: j.a.smith@students.uu.nl or j.a.smith@uu.nl

    Enter your Solis-password at “Password”.

    After this, tap “Join”.

  • Step 5

    Tap on “Trust” to accept the certificate.

  • Step 6

    If you see the checkmark before eduroam, it has been succesfully configured on your device.

  • Experience problems connecting to eduroam? Please consult the Eduroam FAQ.

Last modified: 8/10/2020

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