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Target audience: Students

MyWorkplace: Windows 10

When you are a student at the University of Utrecht you have access to a variety of (free) software available through MyWorkplace. You will find more information about the available software here: MyWorkplace. In order to use MyWorkplace we reccomend Firefox or Chrome. This manual describes how to install MyWorkplace using Windows 10.

  • Are you currently working on a university computer? Then you may skip the first 6 steps, and continue reading at step 7.

  • Step 1

    Make sure you are connected to internet. At Utrecht University, connect to the wireless network eduroam.

  • Step 2

    Before you can use MyWorkplace you have to install the Citrix Workspace App (Citrix Receiver) on your PC.

    Go to https://www.citrix.com/downloads/workspace-app/

    Download the “Citrix Workspace app for Windows“.

  • Step 3

    Click ‘‘Run’’ and execute the file.

  • Step 4

    Click ‘‘Start’’ .

  • Step 5

    Tick the box ‘‘I accept the license agreement’’ and click ‘‘install’’.

  • Step 6

    When the installation of Citrix Workspace App (Citrix Receiver) is complete, click ‘‘Finish’’ and close the webbrowser.
    Please note: Do not click ‘‘Add account’’.

  • Step 7

    Visit myworkplace.uu.nl

    Login using your Solis-id and password. Instead of your Solis-id, you can also use your UU email address (For example: j.a.jansen@students.uu.nl or j.a.bakker@uu.nl).

  • Please note: do you use Google Chrome?

    • When logging on for the first time, you may see this screen. Click “Install”.MyWorkplace-Windows-Chrome-1
    • Next, tick the box “Remember my choice for all links of this type”. Then click “Launch Application”.


    • Continue at step 8.

  • Step 8

    You are now logged into MyWorkplace. By default is Favorites your homescreen. You can add you favorite apps here.

    Start ‘‘Windows Explorer’’ to check if the installation of Citrix Workspace was succesful. You should be prompted for permissions after which the programm should start. If not, Citrix Workspace will need to be reinstalled.

  • Step 9

    Click the icon ‘‘APPS’’.

  • Step 10

    All available apps are shown here. From here, you can start your app by pressing the icon.

  • Do you want to add an app to your favorites?

    • Click “Details” next to the icon
    • Click “Add to favorites“.


  • Step 11

    In this example, Adobe Acrobat Pro has been started and is ready for use. Click on the ’’x’’ icon at the top right to close the window.

  • When you see “HTML5Client” in the address bar of your browser (see image below) when starting an app, the Citrix Workspace App (Citrix Receiver) is not installed properly, or you have installed the Citrix Workspace App (Citrix Receiver) while you were already logged on to MyWorkplace. In that case, the functionality of MyWorkplace is limited. Restart your browser. If the problem persists, reinstall Citrix Workspace App (Citrix Receiver).


    Antivirus scanners may cause technical issues. When you experience a problem, you might try to do the following:
    – Add Citrix as an exception to your virus scanner
    – Uninstall all existing virus scanners, and (re)install a good antivirus application
    – Add Citrix manually as an extension within Google Chrome

  • Step 12

    To log out form MyWorkplace, click your name in the homescreen at the top-right corner. Click ‘’Log off’’.

  • For frequently asked questions and answers, check the MyWorkplace FAQ.

Last modified: 5/03/2020

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