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Target audience: Staff

Lecture rooms UU: The beamer does not display an image

  • Step 1

    First check if the PC or laptop is switched on. This is done by pressing the off/on button on the PC or on your own laptop.

  • Step 2

    Check if you have selected the right source on the touch panel. You can choose between PC or laptop. Click on the icon of the PC or laptop on the touch panel to select the appropriate source.

  • Step 3

    After selecting the source, the touch panel automatically gives a new option. You can choose between ‘Project’ and ‘No picture’. To project, you click on the ‘Project’ button. To stop the projection and turn off the image, you click on the ‘No picture’ button.

  • Step 4

    Have you gone through all the steps, but you still don’t have an image on the beamer? Then please ask for assistance. You can do this via the touch panel. Click on the help button. This is a grey button with a question mark, at the bottom left of the screen. You can also call 030 253 95 95.

Last modified: 1/07/2020

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