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Osiris Student: basic functionality

OSIRIS Student is a ‘responsive’ website that can be used on a phone, tablet or computer. It will offer you the following functionality:

  • Check results
  • Check study progress
  • Register for classes, exams, minors and specialties
  • Check the status of your registration
  • Start a new case or check up on a open case
  • Read notes
  • Upload photo
  • Read documents in your file
  • Check and edit your contact information
  • Check out the education catalog
  • Consult the supervisors connected to you


  • Step 1

    Osiris is secured by tw0-factor-authentication, this means you have to log in with an extra verification code. More informatino about 2FA can be found in this manual: Two-factor authentication: FAQ.

  • Step 2

    • Via the menu button in the top left you can see all the available options of the app

  • Step 3

    • Click ‘My details’  in the top of the menu to view your own information

  • Step 4

    How can I register for a course?

    You can enroll for course in OSIRIS. In some cases the educational administration of your education will enroll you for courses. In some cases there are conditions that need to be met before enrollment, these can be specific entry requirements, pre-enrollment or waiting lists.Usually this is made clear in the course description.

    You can only enroll for courses during a specific time period. This period can be different depending on the faculty, education or type of course. Enrollment term is mentioned in every course description. You can also filter on courses that are open for enrollment.

  • Step 5

    • Select the menu with the button in the top left and go to “Enrol”


  • Step 6

    You will see the following options:

    • Course – enrolling for courses
    • Pre-enrollment elective education
    • Test – enrolling for a test
    • Minor – enrolling for a minor
    • Specialisation – registering for specialisations

    Choose ‘Course’.

  • Step 7

    You will now see a window where you can search for courses. Not all courses will be open for enrollment. Courses that are open for enrollment will have a yellow dot and arrow in front of them. In this window you will see the following:

    1. A search bar where you can enter a (part of) a course code or titel
    2. The number of courses found that fit the set filters
    3. The used filters
    4. A button to add or adjust filters
    5. A short description of the course, the faculty and the number of credits
    6. An information icon that shows the description of the course matter, the goals, starting period, entry requirements, etc.

    By clicking on the course you want to enroll in you will get to the next window (you might see an extra window where you can select extra services. Make your choice and click on the yellow arrow).

    Click the button ‘Confirm enrollment’ to complete the registration.


  • Step 8

    In the bottom of your window you will see this notification once you’ve registered successfully. You will also receive an automatically generated email in your University email account.

    1. Go to uu.nl/osirisstudent and sign in with your solis-id.
    2. When signed in on OSIRIS Student, click on “Profile” and then “My Data.
    3. Click on Contact details and click on the edit button (pencil)
    4. Change your email address in the ‘External email address’ field to your personal email address and click on save.

    In certain cases it seems impossible to download various documents like the file overview, study progress report or the declaration of enrollment. There are two things you can do to solve this:

    1. Check in your browser if you are blocking pop-ups. If your browser is blocking pop-ups, it will also block the download.
      1. In Chrome you can adjust the pop-up block like this: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95472?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=nl
      2. In Firefox you can adjust the pop-up block like this: https://support.mozilla.org/nl/kb/instellingen-pop-upblokkering-uitzonderingen-probleemoplossing
    2. Try to open OSIRIS Student in another browser. Browser can behave differently.

Last modified: 1/03/2024

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