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Outlook: Transfer email from archive to mailbox

Email can be archived using a data file in a .pst format. This manual explains how you can transfer these data files back to your mailbox. This will clear space on your U- and O-drive for other data. Doing this is especially relevant for people who have migrated to mail in the Cloud, since this increases your mailbox quota to 100 Gb.

  • Step 1

    Start Outlook.

    If you have already linked a .pst file you can continue to step 7.


  • Step 2

    Go to “File” in the top left corner.

  • Step 3

    Click the “Account Settings” button and choose “Account Settings”.

  • Step 4

    Go to the tab “Data Files” and click “Add…”.

  • Step 5

    Browse to the folder where the .pst file is located, select it and click “Ok”.

  • Step 6

    The file should now show up in the “Data Files” list. You can click “Close” to close this window.

  • Step 7

    Scroll down in the Outlook folder list on the left. The Archive should be at the bottom of the list. Click the triangle icon to expand the folder.

  • Step 8

    Right click the folder you want to copy to your mailbox and select “Copy Folder”.

  • Step 9

    Select a folder to copy the archive folder to and press “Ok”.

  • When you have successfully linked your archive to your mailbox you can remove the original data file from it’s location on the U- or O-drive.

    If you want to remove the .pst data file from your Outlook mailbox you can start by following step 2 and 3 from this manual, after which you select the tab “Data files” where you select the file you want to remove and click on “Remove”.

Last modified: 6/09/2019

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