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Target audience: Staff

Printers: HP or label (network) printing via Linux

This manual describes how to install a desktop printer (HP) via Linux (Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS).

  • In order to install and use this printer you need:

    • To be connected to the UU network
    • You have to be a UU staff member
    • and know the  UU-number of the printer

  • Step 1

    • Open Settings > Printers > Additional Printer Settings (bottom right corner).
    • Select “Add”.

  • Step 2

    • Select Network Printer > Windows Printer via SAMBA
    • Type in the name of the server followed by the UU-number of your printer, UU012345 for example: WP0590.soliscom.uu.nl/UU-number
    • Enter your credentials, but avoid pressing the button “Verify”.
    • Press “Forward”.

  • Step 3

    • If you don’t have a PPD file for your specific printer model, select “Generic” make.
    • Press “Forward”.

  • Step 4

    • Choose the driver Postscript > Generic PostScript Printer > Forward.
    • Choose Dupplexer > Forward.

  • Step 5

    • Describe the printer, give it a name of your choice. Press “Apply”.

  • Step 6

    • Press “Cancel” at the question “Would you like to print a test page?”

  • Step 7

    • If you can’t print, check the print queue:

    Settings > Printers > Additional Printer Settings (bottom right corner).

    • In the window Printers – localhost, press CTRL + F to view the queues.
    • By auhentication issues, check the credentials being used.

Last modified: 8/04/2022

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