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Printers: IPP printing via MacOS

  • This print method based on the Internet Print Protocol (IPP) is recommended for Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. It gives you the same printing advantages as the UUBlack/UUColour.

  • You need to be connected to the UU network to follow this manual.

  • Do you have a managed Solis-Mac from UU? Then you don’t need to follow this manual. The printer can be found in the UU Apps & Service

  • Step 1

    • Select your MacOS version, and download the driver “macOS Print and Scan Driver Installer”. Inside the DMG file, you’ll find the PKG driver.

  • Step 2

    • Install the printer driver for model Altalink 8055 (for example)
    • In the system Preferences, select “Printers and Scanners”
    • Unlock the window and press on the + icon to add the printer

  • Step 3

    Select “Advanced” or its icon. See the FAQ below if you don’t see it yet.

    Then enter the following information:

    • Type: Internet Printing Protocol (https)
    • URL: https://myprint.uu.nl/printers/IPPPrint/.printer
    • Name: IPPprint
    • Choose a driver, choose “Other” for a pkg file or select software, look for “Xerox Altalink C8055” with the most recent version and press “Add”.

  • Step 4

    Go to “Options and Supplies” and configure the “Options” settings. If you see only 2 or 3 trays, your driver may be corrupt. Install another copy of the driver.

      • Paper Trays: 6 trays (High Capacity Feeder and Tandem Trays).
      • Job Storage Module: Not Installed.
      • Finisher: Office Finisher LX.
      • Press “OK” and lock the settings.



  • Step 5

    If you get the error “Hold for Authentication”, try another credential format in order to connect to the printer.

    • UU e-mail: X.Janssens@uu.nl
    • Long solis: Janssens101@soliscom.uu.nl
    • Short solis: soliscom\Janssens101

  • In the area of the “Add Printer” toolbar, next to the other icons, press Control + right-click, select “Customize Toolbar”. Drag the “Advanced” icon to the toolbar “Add Printer”. Press “Done”.

    Check your username and Solis-password in the Keychain and try connecting to the printer using another credential format, for example:

    • UU e-mail: X.X.Janssens@uu.nl
    • Long solis: Janssens101@soliscom.uu.nl
    • Short solis: soliscom\Janssens101

    This error can be caused by a corrupt printer driver. Install the printer again, with another copy of the driver.

Last modified: 14/09/2023

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