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All Macs supplied by the University of Utrecht are so-called Solis-macs. This means that they are automatically connected to the central managed Mac network of ITS. The advantage of this centralized network is that you have access to IT facilities like support and a software library. You will have admin rights on your own Mac and you can install all the software you need.

Would you like to connect your Mac to the ITS’s managed Mac network but do you use a Mac that is now managed by your faculty IT department? First contact your current supporter to discuss the best approach.

Do you not have a managed Mac or are you not sure? Then contact the ICT Service Desk via the self-service (uu.topdesk.net) or via (030) 253 4500, they can refer you to your faculty contact person to give you advice.

Enrollment methods

There are two ways to turn your Mac into a Solis-mac.
If you already have a Mac that you are working on (and purchased before June 1, 2019) then you can use an Enrollment invitation. You will receive this invitation by e-mail on request.

If you have purchased a Mac via the UU purchasing channels (after Juni 1, 2019) it is automatically linked to the ITS management server. You then automatically go through the Enrollment steps that belong to a so-called PreStage Enrollment.

Click on one of the two methods below for help with the various enrollment steps.

Frequently asked questions

Last modified: 6/12/2021

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