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Whiteboard: installation and FAQ

This manual describes how to install and use Microsoft Whiteboard. MS Whiteboard is a tool with digital whiteboard functionality meant for group use. For example, to work together during a brainstorm session.

You can use MS Whiteboard as an application on your (Windows) computer or directly within a MS Teams meeting. MS Whiteboard is part of Office 365.

Installation on a (Windows) computer

You can install MS Whiteboard directly from the Software center on your UU computer (step 1) or from the Microsoft Store (step 2). The use of this Whiteboard application is free.

  • Step 1

    • Go to the Software Center and search for ‘Whiteboard’.
    • Click ‘install’ to start installing MS Whiteboard. You will be redirected to the Microsoft Store.

  • Step 2

    • Then click ‘Get’.

  • Step 3

    • Click ‘No, thanks’ in the pop up

    Whiteboard is now installed, click ‘Launch’ to start the application and then click ‘Accept’ at the Licence and Terms agreement.

  • Whiteboard FAQ

    To use MS Whiteboard you need to be logged in with a personal Microsoft account.


    1. Click on the ‘Share’ button during a Teams meeting (the icon with the downward pointing arrow) and select ‘Whiteboard’.
    2. All participants in this Teams meeting have access to this Whiteboard. It depends on the chose option whether the participants can edit or only view the whiteboard (‘read-only’ status). Check out this page for more information: Microsoft help page.
    3. If the Whiteboard application is installed on your computer (only for Windows) you can open this application from the Teams meeting by clicking ‘open in app’ and then ‘open app’. The Whiteboard app for Windows has more functionality than the online version in Teams and we therefor recommend to use this option if possible.

    All your Whiteboards will be saved in your own university employee or student account. You can find your whiteboard in several ways:

    In the Whiteboard application:

    1. Open the app on your computer
    2. In the first window you will see an overview of all whiteboards, these include all the whiteboards created during a Teams meeting.
    3. When making a whiteboard, click on the ‘Back’ arrow to go back to the overview

    In a Teams meeting:

    1. Go the Microsoft Teams calendar
    2. Open the relevant meeting and go to the tab ‘Whiteboard’


    All participants of the Teams meeting have access to this whiteboard. The whiteboard will be available as soon as a Teams meeting is created, and can be used before the start of the meeting.

    In Microsoft Whiteboard click on the buttons (left) ‘Invite’ and then type the name of the person you want to share it with. Click on ‘Invite’ again.

    Please note: It is not (yet) possible to share Whiteboards with guest users.

    Yes, for Mac users the web version of Whiteboard is available. This can be use in the Teams application or in a web browser.

    The online version (web browser) offers less functionality than the Whiteboard application.

    For more information about the differences check out this Microsoft site.

    • To change permissions, tap the people icon and then tap the pen icon next to a person’s name. In the drop-down, you can choose ‘Can edit’ or ‘Read-only’.

    Anyone you invite can be assigned either editing or read-only permission. By default, an invited user will be allowed to edit and rename the board, as well as share and remove others. They cannot delete the board or remove the owner.

    No, it is not recommended to share this special personal data in Whiteboard with others. It is highly recommended to remove the Whiteboard immediately after the meeting if special personal data has been placed on it.

    Check the intranet (https://intranet.uu.nl/en/privacy) to gain insight into the categories of special personal data.

    To export:

    Tap the . . . button for the Whiteboard you want to export, and then select ‘Export image’ (png).

    This will open a File Explorer window in which you can choose where to save the image.

    To delete:

    Tap the . . . button for the Whiteboard you want to delete, and then select ‘Delete’.

    Warning: This will permanently delete the Whiteboard.

    Templates can be accessed by tapping or clicking the Insert button. This will bring up the template gallery, where you can scroll to browse and choose a template.

    Templates are not yet available for Whiteboard Online.

    When you create a meeting you can access the Whiteboard even before the meeting has started.

    • In Microsoft Teams, click on ‘Calendar’
    • Open the meeting chat and click on the Whiteboard tab
    • A new whiteboard will be opened automatically

    Everyone invited to the meeting automatically has access to the Whiteboard.

    • Click on the settings menu in your Whiteboard and click on ‘Privacy and security’.
    • In this menu you can enable of disable the cloud functionality of the ‘Optional connected experiences’.
    • This option is disabled by default. The first time you use Whiteboard you can indicate whether you want to activate these functions.

    These functionalities make use of Microsoft cloud services in which Microsoft is the Controller and Utrecht University has no formal role. The diagnostic data of this use (not the content you create) is stored in the United States. This data is pseudonymized, however in accordance with the GDPR guidelines, this is seen as personal data.

  • Please visit the Microsoft support page for more FAQ on Whiteboard.

    Microsoft Whiteboard Help – Office Support

Last modified: 10/01/2022

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