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File encryption (Bitlocker)

Bitlocker is Microsoft software that encrypts different types of data storage. This software protects your hard drive but can also be used to protect and encrypt data on portable data storage device like a USB drive.

There can be (privacy)sensitive information on a hard drive which is vulnerable when a device is lost or stolen. Bitlocker software encrypts the complete storage drive and only makes the drive available for the owner when logging on to the device with their Solis-id and password. When the drive is removed, by a thief for example, the data is unusable because of the encryption. Using Bitlocker is a simple way to protect your data.

Bitlocker is included in the standard (managed by ITS) solis-workplace Windows 10 installation and protects the data on your C-drive.

Please note: If you want to use Bitlocker on a personal PC or laptop it is at your own risk: if you lose the password and recovery key there is no possible way to reach the data and the servicedesk cannot help you access it.

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    You wonโ€™t notice anything. When you restart your PC or laptop, your hard drive is automatically unlocked once you have signed in with your Solis-ID and password.

    Only when your computer need repairs or when certain parts need to be replaced (such as the mother board) you will need to contact the IT Servicedesk.

    Perhaps privacy sensitive data is stored on a hard drive or USB drive. This could end up in the wrong hands when you lose your laptop or when it is stolen for example. To prevent intruders to use this data, we use Bitlocker.

    Without Bitlocker it is relatively easy to remove a hard drive from the laptop and get access to the files. With Bitlocker this is not possible.

    Only UU workstations (Solis workstations) with Windows are part of this service.


    Attention: ITS does not support the activation or maintenance of the applications mentioned below.

    • Do you have a Mac? You can use FileVault which is standard in MacOS (OS X Lion or up)
    • Ubuntu users (or other Linux distributions) can choose to have the hard drive encrypted during the installation of Ubuntu.

    You can use Bitlocker To Go. You will secure the USB drive with a password. Do not forget the password!

    Bitlocker will need to be activated on your workstation before you can use Bitlocker To Go. Follow the above mentioned procedure.

    If Bitlocker is already activated on your workstation, you can follow this manual: Bitlocker to Go

Last modified: 3/06/2021

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