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Microsoft Teams can be used to follow online classes. How to install Teams, sign in and follow your classes is described in the Student instructions for Teams

When working on your personal computer or laptop you can use licenced software through MyWorkplace. More information of how to use MyWorkplace is described below.

MyWorkplace: Windows 10
MyWorkplace: macOS
MyWorkplace: Linux
MyWorkplace: FAQ

If you need certain software on your private computer you can buy this at a discounted price from Surfspot (at your own expense). Surfspot is a non for profit IT web shop with special discounts on software and hardware for both students and employees of educational institutions.

  • Go to https://surfspot.nl
  • Click on ‘log in’
  • Choose ‘Universiteit Utrecht’
  • Log in using your Solis-id and password
  • You can now choose, buy and download the software you need.
When not connected with the University network you can still access all your journals and sources. Please visit the Utrecht University Library website for detailed instructions.