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Printers (new) – Printing via (personal) Windows

This manual describes how you can print at the UU using your own personal Windows computer.

Are you using a UU managed computer (solis-computer)? Then you do not need to follow this manual, the printers will be automatically installed.

This manuals is based on the multifunctional on the right image, the Versalink C405.

  • Adding the share via an ‘run’ command.

  • Step 1

    Make sure you are connected with the wireless network Eduroam.


  • Step 2

    Press start/run  (Win + R) en enter the following rule:


    Then press “OK”to add UUColour and repeat the steps to add:


    Then click “OK” to add UUBlack.


  • When asked to log in, use your Solis-id followed by @soliscom.uu.nl (so smith009@soliscom.uu.nl for example).

Last modified: 25/08/2020

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