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As a first year student at the UU you will encounter many new and sometimes complicated things. To help you out on the IT front we’ve put together some tips and manuals about basic IT related sites and systems you will have to work with during your studies.

When you start your studies at the University of Utrecht you will receive a student account that allows you to use various university systems and services. This account is called a Solis-id and it is composed of  a combination of 7 random numbers. In order to ensure a safe working environment at the UU it is also necessary to set up two-factor authentication.

To set up 2FA you can log in to mysolisid.uu.nl and choose the method you prefer. With every method you receive a recovery code, it is very important to save this code in a safe place! More information about 2FA can be found here: Two-factor authentication: FAQ.

For more information in general for new students and employees see this page: https://uu.nl/welcome

All students at the UU receive an Outlook email address (your Solis-mail) as well as access to Office 365 including various applications like Word, Excel and Powerpoint. You will get an automatic notification about your new UU email address. The email address is based on your name and end in @students.uu.nl (j.a.smith@students.uu.nl for example). The password for your email will be the same as your Solis-password.

Use the following manuals to set up your email on your laptop/phone:

In order to use Office applications you can log in to the web environment: https://office365.com with your UU Solis-mail and password.

More information about installing applications on your own device can be found here: Office 365: installing at home. 

In Osiris you can register for courses and exams and you can find your grades and other results. Go to https://osiris.uu.nl and log in using your Solis-id and password. Osiris is protected with 2FA, this means you will have to log in with an extra verification code.

Blackboard is the place where teachers can share course information and assignments with their students. You can log in to Blackboard via https://uu.blackboard.com with your Solis-id and password. If you try to log in for the first time after receiving your Solis-id and you get an error message: wait one day and try again. It’s possible your account information has not yet been synchronized with Blackboard.

You will find various multi functional printers in each University building. These are printers that can used to print, scan and copy. You can log in to these printers with a linked card or type in your account information (Solis-id and password). You have to pay per page you print. More elaborate information about printing can be found here: https://www.uu.nl/en/organisation/information-and-technology-services-its/services/printing-photocopying-and-scanning. Here on the manuals site you will also find instructions about how to use the printers at the UU.

At the UU we make use of the WiFi network “Utrecht University” to provide all students and employees with access to the internet. You can connect to this network when you are at the USP or around the University buildings in the city center. How to connect to this network depends on the device you are using. Click on the relevant manual below for more instructions:

The network Eduroam which is used at a lot of other Universities is also available here, which means you can make use of the WiFi there as well as here with your UU student account. How you connect to Eduroam depends on the laptop/phone you are using, see the various instructions below:

Via SolisWorkspacethe University provides you with access to all sorts of useful software. All you need to use SolisWorkspaceis an internet connection. More information about this service and how to log in can be found here: https://students.uu.nl/en/myworkplace.

The most frequently asked questions and answers you will find here: SolisWorkspace: FAQ

The MyUU app gives you access to all sorts of useful information like your grades, your schedule and your student card. You can download the app from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone).

There is also a desktop version of the app you can access by logging in to https://students.uu.nl with your Solis-id and password.

Need IT assistance? Contact us everyday!

Manuals: https://manuals.uu.nl

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Email: servicedesk@uu.nl

Selfservice Portal: https://uu.topdesk.net, log in to make a request

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