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When you want to transfer all your mail from your current Google mailbox to your new Office mailbox, follow the steps in this manual:  Gmail: migrate mail to Outlook on macOS

Do you want to back-up all your files and information in your Google account? Follow the steps in this manual to make an export (archive) of your data:Google account: export data (Google Takeout)

The files in your Google Drive you shared with other people in order to work together will, like the other files in your Drive, be part of the back-up you can make using Google Takeout (see the heading “How can I export and save all the data in my Google account?”). If you want to keep working together on the file you will have to save it in another (Cloud) location, Onedrive for example, and share it again with the same people.

If a file is shared with you, and you are therefor not the owner, it will not show up in your back-up. The owner of the file will have to share it with you again once he/she has saved it to it’s new location.

This manual explains how to install Office applications on your own computer: Office 365 for your home PC. You can also find the application online by logging in via this link: outlook.office365.com/uu.nl. And then clicking the dots in the top left:

On this page you will find instructions about how to use the various Office applications: https://solisservices.sharepoint.com/sites/Office365help/.

There is also a lot of useful information on this Microsoft page about the use and functionality of their applications: Microsoft support site

Some things that might be affected by this change are:

    • Logging in to your UU Google account on other websites. You might have used your account as a profile for several websites, it’s good to check this in time and if necessary change the way you log in to a different (Google) account.


    • You might have used your UU Google account to activate your Android phone. If you did this, make sure you use another Google account for your phone before you lose access to you UU Google account.


  • If you used your UU Google account as profile in Google Chrome to save passwords and bookmarks, you will have to export these before you lose access to your UU account.